Why EPA Lead Paint Classes is Important?

EPA Lead Paint Certification

The EPA’s RRP Rule turn out to be absolutely in effect and enforceable April 22, 2010. The federal rule is applicable to all “renovations,” including a lot of exclusive housing preservation activities, performed for compensation in targeted property and pre-1978 child-occupied facilities once the work will disturb lead-based paint that hasn’t been examined and certified as lead free.

About 8.4 million RRP jobs, big and small, will stimulate the EPA Rule’s requirements. An estimated 211,000 third-party property or home managers, property leasing agents, trade contractors, residential rental property owners, along with other affected establishments will need to follow with the completely new Rule, which includes signing up to EPA to get title as “Certified Renovation Firms.” EPA-accredited trainers like ABLE Safety Consulting offers EPA Lead Paint Classes to individuals carrying out renovation, repair, and painting, they will forced to be trained and get licensed as “Renovators”.

Lead base paint certification

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