EPA Lead Renovator Refresher Course “You Should Not Miss Your Renewal Deadline”

EPA Lead Renovator Refresher Course “You Should Not Miss Your Renewal Deadline”

In the event you acquired certification between April 1, 2010 and March 31, 2011, have a one year to your 5 year certification. Make sure you are aware of the consequences as well as requirements required for you or your company to comply. Although the extension is applicable to renovators, it does NOT include firm certifications. You Should Not Miss Your Renewal Deadline ! In the event you miss the deadline to re-certify, you are going to be required to take the 8 hour Initial Certified Renovator training course, again. There are NO exceptions. The penalties hurt; including as much as $37,500 for each and every violation! Companies who consciously or willingly break the RRP Program requirements may result with fees and penalties of up to $10,000 each day, per violation and/or deal with imprisonment. Renovators have a part to play in avoiding lead poisoning. Regular renovation tasks like sanding, cutting and also demolition can produce harmful lead dust with chips, by disturbing lead-based paint, which is harmful to both children and adults.

Who Should Take The EPA Lead Renovator Refresher Course?

This 4-hour refresher training course, which happens to be necessary every five years, is for people who have before finished the 8 hour initial Certified Renovator Lead Certification in compliance with the Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule. The training programs will renew the certification of RRP contractors and help them refresh their mind, on how to work safely in housing as well as child-occupied facilities with lead-based paint. This course will also train them on how to abide by both EPA’s RRP Rule. Attendees will become familiar with lead safe work practices and how to work effectively and safely. Individuals will review the information that is supplied to them in the initial RRP Certified Renovator training program, and will be supplied with current and up-to-date information concerning regulatory alterations, changes in state-of-the-art work procedures; this includes other changes to the RRP Certified Renovator discipline.

What does the EPA Lead Renovator Refresher Course Consist Of?

The training programs concentrate on working safely with lead based painted areas and topics including Regulations, Testing for Lead Based Paint, Review of Set-up Practices, Review of Prohibited Practices, Personal Protective Equipment and Dust Control, Cleaning Activities and Checking Your Work, Record-keeping, Training of Non-Certified Renovators, Review and Test. Students need to present proof of initial certification.

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