EPA Certified Renovator Training Class

EPA Lead Paint Certification

Effective April 2010, In case you work on a property, day-care center or child occupied facility constructed prior to 1978 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule may apply no matter who owns the facility or who’s paying for the project.

EPA Certified Renovator is really a known as person that is employed by a Certified Firm. A Certified Renovator need to be allotted to each project and should be present at work site for certain particular stages of the job. A Certified Renovator may not hand over these specific duties to a non-certified individual. The EPA Certified Renovator is also in charge of training all non-certified personnel who will be performing specific work on the project. Having said that, non-certified workers would possibly carry out the particular responsibilities, it required Certified Renovator.

Certified Renovator Training Course

ABLE Safety Consulting is an EPA approved training provider for the RRP Refresher and 8 hr Certified Renovator Course. ABLE Safety Consulting is also partners with various national training organizations to also offer several classes in U.S. Territories or other States. Call Us at 888.926.4727 or send email to: info@ablesafety.com

EPA Certified Renovator Training Class

Lead Paint Class

EPA Certified Renovator Training Gallery

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