EPA Lead Certification (8hr Initial)

The Environmental Protection Agency has ruled that companies who carry out renovation, repairs, and painting (RRP) must prepare and re-train in lead-safe work practices prior to remodeling particular jobs. These fresh EPA guidelines impact on April 22, 2010.

Failing to abide by EPA lead certification demands will lead to fines of $37,500 each day that you’re doing work in the field on a qualifying job.

Why Should I Take EPA Lead Certification?

To be effective towards completely getting rid of the harmful effects lead poisoning might have, the EPA has released a new certification important for all contractors, painters, and renovators, who operate in homes and/or child-occupied facilities, build before 1978. With regard to EPA lead certification, firms must sign-up and pay a price with EPA, and people will need to take an 8 hour lead safety training course authorized by the EPA to be a certified renovator. The EPA lead certification will work for 5 years.

The EPA Lead Based Paint Renovation Repair and Painting Program include pre-renovation and work training requirements along with the firm and specific certification. Property managers, contractors, and other renovation employees must send out a lead brochure from the EPA explaining the hazards of lead prior to starting remodeling work. The necessary EPA brochure is entitled “Lead Safe Certified Guide to Renovate Right,” and the EPA makes it necessary that the contractor or worker need to hold record of the owner or tenant’s receipt of the brochure.